Demo Program

NOTE: My time has been very crunched recently with the growth of Ghost Saddles and dealing with an injury requiring long term physical therapy plus lhoping for a big ride season with 3 horses. So I have made the decision to back off from Bua saddles. I still love the saddles and how great they are for horses and riders, so I'm always happy to answeer questions. At this point I'm down to 2 saddles (one slightly used, one new) and multiple flap options. The new saddle will be priced at $2900 and the demo saddle at $2700. Extra flaps will be reduced to $500 while avalable. All are black except one set of brown Jump flaps. 

There is a new West Coast dealer - Veronica Braley - who is ready to help you out! Visit her site here!

Saddles can be trialed for 10 days for a $130 demo fee (which covers shipping both ways except to AK and HI) plus a 50% security deposit which is refundable or applied toward purchase unless there is any unreasonable damage or wear. I expect wear marks on the billets and rubs from leathers but not gouges from gates or bored kitties! The demo comes with a return shipping label, so no further expense. I generally ship via UPS ground which can take from 2-6 days depending how far you are from Oregon. If you're on the east coast and need faster shipping, I can ship via USPS Priority which should take around 3 days, but there will be an extra shipping charge applied either at purchase/order or refund.

NOTE: Shipping costs have increased dramatically over the last few months. The demo fee doesn't actually cover shipping to the east coast so please be kind to your demo saddles. ;-) 

Most demo saddles may be purchased, so every saddle going out is either brand new or may have been demoed once. Before paying to demo, please contact me to make sure there isn't a waiting list for a certain model. When we've identified the right model for you and your horse, and it's availability, use the order form below to request the demo. After payment is received, the saddle and accessories will be shipped the next business day in most cases. I recommend Webbers as they go on the stirrups bars easier and an anatomical girth further enhances the shoulder freeing ability of the Bua. I carry Total Saddle fit and can send a girth in most cases. Bua has dressage billets but are a bit on the short side, so I recommend requesting your normal dressage length +2". If you only know your short billet length, a rough conversion is to subtract 20". Or  measure your horse from a point 2-3" above the elbow, under the girth groove, to that same point on the other side.