Endurance Saddle

The Bua is becoming more popular with endurance riders in Europe and the US. Endurance riders
might choose either the straight flap/blocks of the dressage saddle or the more forward flap of
the GP, but extra dee rings are a must!

All saddles come with front dees on the flap, but they are moved out and more accessible to
attach gear on the endurance model. It also comes with 3 rings solidly attached to the tree, one
on the rear for a crupper, two on the front for attaching a breast collar or other storage gear. Plus
two additional rings are attached to the rear of the flap for saddle bags.

Note: prices have temporarily (we hope) increased due to $ to Euro adjustments

Last Updated: 8/18/2017
Endurance Saddle
Product: Bua Endurance
Description: Bua saddle set up for endurance riding
Price: $2850
Flap angle  
BUA leather color  
Textile color  
BUA leather finish  
BUA panels