Ghost makes three types of fenders. An english slip-on fender that goes over a stirrup strap (the Ghost stirrup strap is recommended because it is thinner than leathers), a single strap western style fender but made for english stirrups and still allows the rider to choose between either of the Ghost stirrup rings, and a western fender for 2.5" top bar western stirrups which uses both stirrup rings for excellent stability of the lower leg. It's possible to order the regular western fender with one strap but still for western stirrups so just ask (I sometimes stock them as they are my favorite style.)

For English stirrups:

Slip on fenders - $85 Western-style english fenders - $140

Western fenders, 2.5" top bar - $150

Last Updated: 3/30/2017
Ghost Fenders
Product: Ghost Fenders
Description: Fenders for short flap Ghost models, Quevis and Quilty.
Price: $90

Western Fenders
Product: Western Fenders
Description: Please contact us to discuss color/material options that may not be listed here. Also, if you're under 5'4", please discuss fender length. It's possible to have them shortened if needed.
Price: $150

Western-style fender for english stirrups
Product: Western-style English Fender
Description: Western-style fender for 1" english stirrups
Price: $140