Email Marlene: GhostTreelessUSA@gmail.com for Ghost and general information and InnovativeSaddles@gmail.com for Bua information. I check my email frequently.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/BadlandsEquine?ref=hl 

Phone: 541-588-0155, I can be reached whenever I'm carrying my phone, but roughly 8am-8pm PST

Welcome to Badlands Equine, owned by Marlene and Stace Moss. While the business name is new - after our new location surrounded by the Badlands Wilderness near Bend, Oregon - we are not new to the industry. I started Moss Rock Endurance, a business dedicated to designing and making custom biothane tack and providing other endurance products including EasyCare items and Free'n'Easy Saddles to endurance and trail riders. Lisa Douglass carried on the tradition when we moved on to owning a boarding facility and focusing on saddlefitting.

Running a 50-60 horse boarding facility was hard work, but one of the most educational times of my life. I had opportunities to ride and train many horses, advancing my skills much faster than otherwise. We also learned so much about horse care and dealing with injuries and illness.

Through all of this, endurance has been our steadfast goal. Some years allowed more riding than others, but we finally live in the perfect location with tons of trails for conditioning and lots of competitions nearby. This allows us to bring everything together!

I love being able to help horse and rider with a comfortable way to share the miles together. I currently sell Ghost treeless made in Italy and Bua saddles made in Ireland, both excellent choices for many riding styles and horse shapes.

Stace has studied farriery and while he doesn't offer this service professionally at this time, he will consult with people during our saddle fitting clinics as foot and back issues are often connected.

We've both studied saddle fitting, mostly in relation to several of the adjustable panel saddles available. Although we've carried saddles for sale, our saddle fitting sessions have nothing to do with selling a saddle. The goal is to teach the person how to judge saddlefit on their own and make suggestions how to make the current saddle work whenever possible. We've even done saddle fitting clinics in the back parking lot of used saddle stores so we can work with as many saddles as possible to find the best fit for you and your horse.

We've been competing in endurance and competitive trail riding since 2001. We changed our lives for this wonderful sport and are always happy to share our experiences with others and help them discover the fun!


Last Updated: 2/19/2017